Network Support

Network Support

Network Support-We offer a wide array of network support services for small businesses and organizations. So when it comes to any network related needs, our team will always be ready to assist you. Here are some of the services we provide:

Fiber Optic cables and UTP Network cables connected Cisco switch ports.
network rack with data cables
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Site Survey

Network Design

Network Design – through our network design service, you will be able to set the parameters for the architecture of your network. Therefore, it fulfills what was on your business plan when it comes to capacity, cost, coverage, and service quality. The quality of the network design comes with a huge major impact over the performance of a network, to its predictability, reliability, capacity and the potential of it for further expansion.

Network Installation

Network Installation – make your office or home wireless. Move all your computers from that room to another without having to be bothered about the network cable. It lets you get print outs anywhere at your office or home. You will be able to connect to the web anywhere you are at home and can share photos, music, files and videos with other devices you have. We specialize in using advanced networking equipment ranging from high-end routers to secure access points. We encrypt your wireless signal so you can enjoy your Wi-Fi without the interruption of freeloaders using your paid Wi-Fi signal. Our strategy improves network speeds and signal integrity greatly. Our team will be responsible for connecting, installing and configuring your wireless router.

What is Low-voltage Structured Cabling

Low-voltage Structured Cabling Solutions– we provide low-voltage structured cabling solutions which involve comprehensive system cabling Structured LAN cabling- we design, implement, or upgrade your networks to accommodate your unique home or small business workstation/server setup. We take the time to plan the right routing of cables for data centers, office, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings. We use various Ethernet network types of cables such as category 5 (CAT5), category 5e (CAT5e), category 6 (CAT6).

Network Repair & Troubleshooting

Network Repair & Troubleshooting–we provide a comprehensive range of troubleshooting and repair services for your network. Whether you are in need of help for computer network setup, or connection lost, rest assured that our company help you. We are always ready to assist you in setting up your network, managing it and in securing it from any security threat.

Network Fault Monitoring

Network Fault Monitoring –network fault management and monitoring is a major challenge if you manage a small group. The job will become more difficult when you need to handle a distant site and you need to dispatch the technician to that location, only to learn that the problem can be fixed remotely. Let our team assist you about this starting today.

Network Testing

Network Testing–often when small businesses or home office consumers perform daily workflow processes sometimes production stops due to technological hiccups. This most likely happens to their existing networks causing all sorts of technology hiccups inhibiting productivity. We can look and perform a network diagnostics check using the best equipment in the industry equipment to better resolve your issue. We provide monitoring and detailed analysis of your overall network. We fix issues related to small business intranet, world wide web, server connectivity, wi-fi, and much more.

Site surveys

Site surveys–small businesses who have worked with old networking equipment for decades, or firms who may need additional work done to their existing network rely on our IT consulting services to assess the network. We help to put many small businesses on the right track to plan the right network solution at an affordable price. Don’t hesitate to give us a call now!

Network Performance Management

Network Performance Management –network performance technologies have changed to support the complex networks of today. Our team Manager will help you in getting the visibility as well as the control that you require to manage fully the network.

Network Administration

Network Administration–network administration involves a selection of operational tasks which help the network operate efficiently and smoothly. With no network administration, it will be hard for all but the smallest groups to upkeep network operations.
Aside from those services, we are also offering other services that include the following:

• ISP selection and configuration
• IPv4 (32bit) and IPv6 (128 bit) Addressing
• Wireless Networks
• Secure Office-to-Office Connections (VPN)
• Virtual LANs Cisco Switches (VLAN)
• Remote-access Configurations
• Local Area Network Maintenance (LAN)
• Client/Server Performance Assessment


Ulrike E.

" Outstanding Service and skill. I would highly recommend! "- Ulrike E.

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"Jerry is the best. His methodology is exact, but apart from his technical abilities, Jerry is an outstanding guy. Easy to talk with, always patient and willing to explain things, I highly recommend Jerry. He had our computer up and running with a
new motherboard installed in less than an hour. No files lost, everything worked great, " - Scott & Laurie P.

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